These resources are provided to help our chapter of Democratic Socialists of America to learn about democratic socialism from a variety of perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, these resources do not necessarily represent official positions of the San Francisco chapter of DSA, but are provided for discussion and the education of our members. The national DSA organization has a general list of resources, including how-to articles, Q&As and flyers.

Chapter Handbook

The DSA SF Chapter handbook is meant to answer the questions we hear frequently from new members. How do I get started? How do I vote? Where can I find out what the chapter is doing? This guide is always evolving and if you have a suggestion or a question that isn’t answered here you can email

What online tools are available to members?

We have a public calendar, private calendar, as well as a Google Group, forum, Slack, and YouTube.

DSA SF Policies

Bylaws and Code of Conduct


For all chapter accessibility requests, please email

Conflict Resolution

Request conflict resolution

Grievance Officers

Email to file a grievance.

Pamphlets and Zines

DSA SF produces short summaries of some of our most important concepts and pressing issues as zines and fliers to distribute to the general public to help inform people about who we are and what we stand for.  These documents are available here.

Physical Library

DSA SF is proud to offer its members access to our physical library, located on the top floor of our office space. Numerous DSA members have generously donated the books in our library. You can peruse our catalog online here. Please see the instructions for our self-service check-out/in system located in the DSA SF office, and remember to be respectful of the materials on loan.

Reading Lists

Our Education Committee holds regular reading groups to study selected books and articles on Socialism and Socialist history and theory. Municipalism Marx (selected readings) Socialism Local Political Research and Advisory Committee Anti-Imperialism Study Group State and Revolution Reading Group Economics Discussion Group

Marx’s Capital Study Group

The Capital Study Group meets regularly to read and discuss this foundational text and apply its ideas to our present struggles. Notes and resources from previous meetings of the group are available here.

Red Talks: 10 minutes of socialist history

Members present ten-minute talks at our general meetings about events or concepts from socialist history. Many talks are related to primary sources and reference materials that are collected online here. If you are interested in presenting a topic for one of our Red Talks, fill out our Red Talk proposal form.

Additional Resources

Broadcast Media There are many media resources that provide political, social and economic perspectives not found in mainstream media sources.  The DSA-SF Education Committee seeks to share some of the most relevant audio and video resources with our community in one convenient location.  DSA-SF members are encouraged to check out these selections and also to submit selections they have found for consideration to post here as well.  Please send your input to

How to Do Everything

Resources to help members do everything from running meetings to staying safe at a protest. 

How do I get reimbursed?

Committees have a monthly budget set by the Treasurer on Steering Committee. If you spend money on behalf of the chapter or a committee, you can apply for a refund. Make sure to select “Unpaid” in the dropdown box for “status” and you should receive a refund within about 3 – 5 days. See: