Joining DSA SF

Democratic Socialists of America seek to create a system based on justice and equality for all people. We believe everyone deserves to live their own life with dignity. We work to equalize political and economic power, because true democracy cannot coexist with inequality. We urgently fight to stop the many crises facing our most powerless members of society, and we need your help!

Ready to join?

If you are ready to organize with DSA SF, the first step is to join DSA. Pay your dues and join 90,000 members in the struggle for a better world. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Anyone who wants to join but cannot afford to contribute financially should complete this dues waiver form.

Have questions?

Whether you are new to DSA SF or a member looking to get more involved, a 1 on 1 call with a DSA SF organizer can help you figure out what’s next.

Donate to DSA SF

Your donations are voluntary local dues, above and beyond the dues you pay to DSA national, and help fund our work and cover chapter expenses. [Does not count toward or replace your DSA dues]

Our venmo is @DSASF.