The Democrats’ Yawning Silence on Trade

by Erik Loomis for Boston Review. Available online at

August 15, 2018

Trump Is a Protectionist — But Who Is He Protecting?

by Robert A. Blecker for Jacobin Magazine Available online on

August 15, 2018

The State and Revolution

V.I. Lenin Available as a free online version here:

January 7, 2018

Is America ready for a municipalist movement?

Municipalism: A Reading List Alexander Kolokotronis Is America ready for a municipalist movement?

September 2, 2017

Governing Madrid

Eoghan Gilmartin

September 2, 2017

America needs a network of rebel cities to stand up to Trump

Kate Shea Baird, Barcelona en Comú and Steve Hughes, Working Families Party

September 2, 2017

Why the municipal movement must be internationalist

Kate Shea Baird, Enric Bárcena, Xavi Ferrer and Laura Roth

September 2, 2017

Is this the world’s most radical mayor?

Dan Hancox

September 2, 2017

30,000 people have signed up to validate the municipal project Guanyem Barcelona

Barcelona en Comu

September 2, 2017

A new grassroots movement is trying to take control of Barcelona’s government

Barbara Speed

September 2, 2017