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San Francisco Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We are a political and activist organization, not a party. Through campus and community-based chapters, DSA members use a variety of tactics from legislative to direct action to fight for reforms that empower working people.
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Email us with whatever info about yourself you are willing to share and find out when we meet and how you can get involved.

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DSA SF’s Healthcare working group fights for equal healthcare access for all. Private, for-profit healthcare creates and exacerbates systemic inequalities, and we must work to eradicate them. We’re supporting efforts to create a single-payer healthcare program in California with the Campaign for a Healthy California, and we’re building a grass-roots effort to build support and awareness of it. Through this fight, we’ll express how deprivatizing healthcare can create better and more just outcomes for all, and how we can do it with other needs as well.


The DSASF Tech Committee is bringing together engineers, technical workers, educators, and community members to organize around the intersection of technology and socialist action. The Tech Committee is creating and maintaining technical tools for the San Francisco chapter of DSA, including maintaining the chapter website, developing internal engagement tools, and facilitating chapter communication through technical solutions. Projects include developing an information security strategy and leading tech skills workshops.

We are looking for designers, software engineers, project managers, and authors who are looking to build tangible tools that can help DSA around the country and provide a necessary voice to addressing technical issues within DSA as well as addressing social issues facing the technology community around the globe.

Political Research

The DSA SF Local Political Research and Advisory Committee is committed to:

  • Working to develop a shared diagnosis of the economic, social, and political conditions in the City.
  • Providing DSA SF with clear, accurate, and actionable information for political work in San Francisco.
  • Informing DSA SF’s work by supporting electoral campaign research.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, join us! We especially need your help if you are active in multiracial and women-led / women-majority organizations. “A revolution that isn’t feminist isn’t worthy of the name.”

Legal Justice and Decriminalization

In the Legal Justice and Decriminalization group, we work together to find ways to help protect people from police violence, and to get them out of jail, or keep them out of the racist criminal justice system in the first place.


The Outreach Committee is involved in recruitment, retention, and strategic organizing and alignment (Solidarity work) with other activist groups/labor groups/protests. Our outreach work includes social media, design and printing of outreach materials like fliers, zines and posters. We work jointly with the Education Committee on educational outreach materials.


The DSA’s Homelessness Working Group has three goals: outreach to those in need, research-led direct action, and public education. Please join us in lending assistance to people without homes, determining ways to help them get permanently housed, and combating the capitalist ideology of poisonous individualism and lower-class oppression.

Socialist Feminism

The Socialist Feminist team is a group of women (and a couple men) whose aim is to:

  1. Recruit members who identify as women.
  2. Study and learn about feminism.
  3. Spread what we learn to the rest of our chapter and our communities.

We’re creating a safe and female-voice-dominated place for women to come and speak about socialism.


The role of the Education Committee is to help guide members of DSA SF and the public in learning about the history of socialism, socialist ideologies, and how socialism applies to the concerns of our community. Our projects include:

  1. Holding short presentations / discussions at monthly meetings on topics ofinterest.
  2. Facilitating a reading group that meets monthly to discuss a socialist book as chosen by the group.
  3. Populating a Tumblr blog with educational material related to historical topics the chapter is focusing on.