The Global Climate Strike upon us! Join us on Friday September 20th as a contingent in the Global Youth Climate March.

It’s no longer enough to wait for our politicians to act. As Greta Thunberg told Congress on Tuesday: “you’re not trying hard enough”. But we will. It’s time to strike. To shut the economy down again and again until radical action is taken.

San Franciscans understand the importance of our ecology. Nowhere does a large and influential urban center protect its land in such a hefty percentage. The nine county greater Bay Area has one of the most viable matrixes of park systems of the world. Our region remains one of the glowing bastions of the world in ecological protection and climate action. As citizens of the Bay Area, let’s show the world where our priorities are!

There is no Planet B. In a world of increasing human impact, the survival of all species, including ourselves, rely on our actions and our sacrifices. Join us now and forever in protecting the natural world that isn’t just ours. We must fight because it is a sanctuary for all living beings, both present and future.

March details:
Saturday, March 20th at 9 AM
Meet at the DSA SF office: 350 Alabama St.

Contact the Ecosocialist Committee, for more details.