Chapter Priorities

What is a DSA SF Priority Campaign?

A Priority Campaign is an intersectional and cross-chapter effort to achieve measurable goals in no more than three priority topics per year. With this focus, we are able to dedicate labor, money, and time to those areas we democratically determine are most important to winning socialism. Our Priority Campaigns for the year of 2021-2022 are:

Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty (BLIS)


DSA SF has committed itself to actively incorporate antiracist struggle into all our projects — there is no path to dismantling capitalism that does not also dismantle white supremacy and vice versa, because they are entangled systems that prop each other up. DSA SF must make a commitment to fight for racial justice and a specific commitment Black liberation, because it is the foil upon which whiteness and white supremacy become coherent, and the fulcrum upon which white supremacy and capitalism assert the social order of property relations.

Our chapter has engaged in anti-police and anti-prison work through projects and coalitions like DefundSFPDNow, Hotels Not Hospitals, No New SF Jail Coalition, the No on H Campaign against giving the SFPD yet another potentially-lethal weapon to use against San Franciscans, Brakelight Clinics in the Outer Mission and the Bayview, and the Bayview-Hunter’s Point Task Force, among many others.

A crucial component of this Priority is a dedication to introspect and overcome the inherited white supremacist tendencies and structures in our own organization. With comradely self-criticism to overcome the conditioning our white supremacist society – one based on settler colonialism and genocide from the very beginning – we will build a durable and just socialism that overcomes racist structures with solidarity and dignity.

Check the public calendar for upcoming BLIS events!

Ballot Measure Campaign


DSA SF elected our Electoral Board to execute the chapter’s electoral strategy and implement our Ballot Measure Chapter Priority. DSA SF’s electoral work serves to empower our chapter to take on capitalism through the state; it’s one pillar of our dual power approach. It also helps us grow our ranks, because a lot of electoral work involves reaching everyday San Franciscans on timely issues that impact our daily lives. 

Our chapter has had a number of electoral wins citywide, including electing Dean Preston – a DSA SF member – to the board of Supervisors and 2018’s Prop F which won a free tenant attorney for anyone facing eviction. Our current vision is to run our own ballot measures and candidates from our ranks that further our revolutionary principles and priorities, build our membership, and turn our hardworking reputation into one that sets the political agenda. We aim to build an electoral infrastructure that trains members in-house in the most impactful voter persuasion tools. From field and turnout to messaging and fundraising, we’re using proven electoral methods to spread the word about socialism at the ballot and in our neighborhoods with programs like the D5 Eviction Free Zone, which we’ve recently kicked off a campaign to support.

We are currently focused on qualifying a measure for the November 2022 ballot. To get involved, please join our Slack channel, and sign up for our Fundraising, Outreach, and Research committees. 

We train new comrades! No experience necessary!

Labor Circles


DSA SF prioritized creating Labor Circles to build solidarity within and across industries. But what is a Labor Circle? It’s a collection of workers that labor in the same industry, whether unionized or not. Forming labor circles helps workers diagnose systemic issues, powermap within their industry, rally to support unionization efforts, and train each other on how to have organizing conversations in the workplace.

You don’t have to be a DSA SF member to participate in a Labor Circle, but we do train members on crucial organizing skills. Even if you’re never able to participate in a union effort, learning how to naturally win people over to your side on an issue is a useful skill!

The first Labor Circles we’ve formed are:

  • Education
  • ILWU
  • Technology
  • Nonprofit
  • Public Sector
  • Gig Work
  • Healthcare

The best way for new members to participate is to connect with the Labor Circle that is most relevant to your work. Email if you need help deciding which is best for you!