Yesterday, a fire burned the Williams family home in the Alamo Square Park neighborhood – the latest in a series of vile racist attacks on Terry and his family. DSA SF expresses solidarity with Terry Williams and the Williams family as they recover from these targeted racist attacks. An injury to one is an injury to all.

San Francisco’s long history of vicious Anti-Black racism has displaced and driven out much of its Black community, particularly in the Western Addition. As socialists, we see the root cause in the evils of racial capitalism – a mutually reinforcing system of racialized exploitation for dividing and pitting people against each other. These forces take the form of both systemic discrimination such as redlining as well as targeted racial violence like that targeted at the Williams family.

We encourage our members as well as the general public to directly help in supporting the Williams family recover from the fire by donating to the following fundraiser and attending this Sunday’s donation drive and potluck on the 900 block of Grove street.