Listen to the interview with Anchor Union organizing committee member Patrick in Report Back, the DSA SF podcast.

The collective power of a union is the strongest organizational tool that workers can use to shift the power balance in a workplace. We are proud to announce that DSA SF and the ILWU have been working together to help workers organize at @anchorbrewing in SF this past year.

This large “craft” brewery employs about 100 workers at a single production facility in SF. The craft brewing industry has essentially no union labor and hides its exploitation behind a hip industry profile. Anchor was actually recently acquired by the multinational Sapporo Co.

We believe this is one of the first major attempts to unionize the workforce of a craft brewery and hope it could lead to more unionization across the industry.

Jobs at Anchor Steam used to be regarded as some of the best in the city. But as the cost of living continued to rise significantly, wages stagnated. We stand in solidarity with Anchor Brewery workers who are sick of poverty wages, inaccessible benefits, and a lack of respect.

We demand that Anchor Brewing recognize their union and show the world that San Francisco is a union-friendly town that respects working families, not union-busters! Show your support in these three ways:

Show Anchor Steam that the community has these worker’s backs:

1. Post a message of support to the social media platform of your choice with the hashtags #anchoredinsf and #anchorunion
2. Sign the support petition…ers-unionizing
3. Join a poster drop organized by a DSA chapter near you. San Francisco. Find out when the next mobilization is by following AnchorUnionSF