At our February meeting, DSA SF voted to endorse Dean Preston for Supervisor in District 5 because of his consistent, unwavering work in tenants rights, affordable and social housing, and the many projects we’ve taken on together in San Francisco.

Aside from leading countless fights against slumlords and being an active member of DSA, Dean was also the proponent of Prop F, the country’s only universal right to counsel law for tenants facing eviction, which was DSA SF’s first foray into electoral politics. Our chapter was the driving force in passing that measure with an all-DSA staff and largely DSA volunteer base. The victory helped secure DSA as a formidable political force in the city, and forged coalitions with allied housing and social justice groups. Dean also worked with DSA members to help pass Prop C, and hosted multiple lit drops and phone banks in District 5 in support of the measure. He has since publicly called for a moratorium on sweeps.

Dean’s grassroots campaign will focus on: the Public Bank and the ways that it can boost working class power through debt forgiveness and the creation of affordable and social housing, a Green New Deal for San Francisco that focuses on PG&E divestment and an improved public transit system, and building our communities of color, not just fighting displacement, through saving Midtown, and making affordable housing and well-paying jobs for working class people.

DSA doesn’t feel the need to weigh in on every candidate or measure, but when we do, it’s because of a campaign’s deep commitment to social and economic justice that moves directly towards a future where everyone can live with dignity. This early endorsement was brought to our chapter as a way to not just support a Democratic Socialist candidate, but help shape the campaign. We dream big: Join us in rethinking what’s possible in SF.