DSA SF recently voted to endorse California State Proposition 15 and San Francisco Municipal Proposition E, and to oppose California State Proposition 22, in advance of the November 2020 election. 

Prop 15 aims to raise billions in new taxes to specifically fund schools, community colleges and local government services. The covid crisis and failure of state and federal leadership has made school and municipal budgeting all the more dire. DSA SF believes rolling back Prop 13 and the steps proposed in Prop 15 are critical steps to radically changing our system for the better. DSA SF Labor committee is working to support the proposition within a broader DSA California Statewide labor formation along with DSA LA, Sacramento and San Jose. Visit here for more information on the Yes on 15 campaign.

Further, DSA SF voted to oppose Prop 22 this November. Defeating this proposition is a priority for millions of workers in California and it’s adoption could usher a new wage and worker suppression in California.  State adoption of this proposition could be dangerous precedent for corporations in California and the world. Prop 22 would become a model for the Ubers and Lyfts of the world to engage in anti-worker and union busting tactics. Along with Gig Workers Rising and We Drive Progress,

Finally, with sponsorship from the AfroSocialists & Socialists of Color Caucus SF, DSA SF Justice Committee, and DSA SF Electoral Committee, DSA SF voted to endorse Prop E and its goal of removing the San Francisco Police Department’s minimum staffing requirement, which was added to the San Francisco city charter in the 1970s. The charter-mandated minimum set for full-time SFPD officers is currently set at 1,971. Prop. E proponents hope that eliminating the minimum staffing requirement will help them start the process to drastically reduce the number of officers in San Francisco.