The dust has finally settled on the 2020 Election even as Trump continues to pursue litigation federally. Weeks ago, we demonstrated our power at the ballot box and DSA-SF would like to thank all the workers and volunteers who expended time and effort to help further Leftist politics, both locally and around the world! We surely could not do this without each other.

In local elections, we swept the board on our endorsements. Prop E’s passage removes one legal obstacle to finally reducing the number of police officers in this city and using those resources to help the people of San Francisco instead of killing them. Props I and K will finally tax the rich to build real affordable and social housing in this city. All of our hard work put our only socialist supervisor, Dean Preston, back into office despite the millions poured into disgusting anti-homeless messaging to unseat him.

On the state level, we have a lot left to fight for. Jackie Fielder’s campaign fell short of removing Scott Weiner from office, but helped push our vision into the spotlight and put it into contrast with California Democratic politics. Unfortunately, our endorsed Props 15 and 16 failed to pass as well. And Uber and Lyft managed to buy Prop 22, enshrining their exploitative labor model into law and blocking unionization for their workers – something many more companies will try to emulate. We will need to strategize to defeat this effort and their future campaigns. We also recognize how nationally Joe Biden has won the presidential election, although he is a ruthless capitalist who will continue the oppression that we fight every day in this organization.

We want to thank everyone who’s been working so hard over the last weeks and months for DSA San Francisco, the socialist movement, and our city. We have gone through and are still going through turbulent times in our society, but thanks to all of us and socialists across the country, our movement has demonstrated and used its power to win concrete victories.

It’s our work on the streets, the day-to-day organizing, that builds coalitions of support that make us stronger when we next head to the ballot box. You can make a difference in those efforts – join us! Whether it’s in the streets or in the background, there is work to be done.