The 2019 DSA National Convention is right around the corner and DSA SF is getting ready to make the most of it. In our last general meeting we elected a diverse group of incredible organizers to represent us in Atlanta. Congratulations to Kaylah W., Darby T., Jennifer B., Jen S., Otto P., Rose K., Aelia P., Shanti S., Evan M., Jon X., Faiq R., Nishikant S., Gabriel M., Lia R., Brace B., Shahid B., Hae Min C. Sasha P., Alexander P., Elizabeth M., Drew D., and Charles D., and thank you for your service to our chapter!

The chapter also unanimously endorsed Pass the Hat, a national resolution that would help build and maintain smaller DSA groups outside of metropolitan areas by providing a $100-per-month stipend to all chapters.

Next up on the convention prep checklist is our June 13th Resolutions Walkthrough meeting. Our chapter’s delegation will be presenting research and summaries of the resolution compendium for this year’s convention, and we’ll be discussing the more contested resolutions as a chapter. These are decisions that will affect all of DSA, and our delegates need to know what the chapter thinks about them, so come make your voice heard!