Trump may not be on the ballot for removal this Tuesday, but that does not make the election any less important. Primaries matter for national offices, such as the President, and other state and federal races as well. The positions and policies at stake are important and primaries are a chance to embolden aggressive change as incumbents are often challenged from within their own parties.

The importance of primary elections is especially critical to the democratic process of elections. Primaries are where democracy is exemplified most strongly, where there is often even greater choice for voters than in general elections. The primaries are where civic engagement flourishes; it is where coalitions ebb and flow and hopefully manifest into a movement. For those of us aching for political change, the primaries are a chance to find better candidates or challenge for more progressive action.

For progressive grassroots campaigns taking on the establishment, primaries are crucial for building momentum for the rest of the race. And you can’t be somebody without anybody— campaigns in the primaries rely on their supporters’ people power to get out the vote.

So don’t wait until the General in November to start taking notice. Civic energy and community engagement is an ongoing battle. Your landlord cares who primaries. The local police and city hall have a stake in who primaries. The local school board cares. It is imperative to get out to vote and fight for what affects you the most.  

A DSA backed candidate needs your support before Super Tuesday and beyond. Can you help support Jackie Fielder defeat Wiener for the 11th Senate District seat? There is still time to put in your support.

Keep with the fight. Solidarity. 

See here for information on how to support either Jackie!