Socialism and Feminism…you can’t have one without the other.

DSA SF and Northern California ISO, with a guest speaker from Socialist Alternative, talked about the role of women in revolution and how we can work to fight sexism today.

We know the liberation of women can’t be achieved by merely gaining power within our existing system since the system only works when people (especially women and other marginalized groups) are oppressed… The question is now how do we work for true equality across genders and races and borders?

Our Socialist Feminist Panel, the final event in the Solidarity Series with ISO and Socialist Alternative, was a total success and was also totally packed! With three female-identifying panelists, including the brilliant Moira Weigel representing DSA, we covered some of the highlights in feminist history, feminism as it relates to LGBTQ communities, reproductive rights, and more. There was also a Bread and Roses Photo Booth created by our awesome comrade Darby, which pretty much put it over the top as the raddest event ever known in the history of all events to date on the planet Earth.

Go Socialist Feminist Working Group!