DSA SF is proud to stand behind our socialist-in-office D5 Supervisor Dean Preston, who led the way for San Francisco to become the largest city in the country to pass a ceasefire resolution.

We are honored to have worked with and followed the lead of tireless organizers from coalition partners including AROC, CAIR, JVP on this historic resolution.

This success was only made possible by all the calls, emails, public comment, and office visits from the people of San Francisco. Tens of thousands have mobilized in the streets and an unprecedented thousands more filled City Hall to voice their support.

We, the city of San Francisco, demand CEASEFIRE NOW.

While we celebrate the passage of this resolution in San Francisco, we cannot ignore the fight ahead of us. Millions of Palestinians are still in danger and the machinery of capitalism and colonialism grinds ceaselessly.

A ceasefire will only slow the decades-long genocide. We continue to fight to end the siege on Gaza, to free all Palestinian prisoners, to end US military aid to Israel, and an end to the occupation.

Get involved! Join DSA or any of the other organizations involved in the struggle.