At our June 27th General Meeting, DSA SF elected a new Steering Committee! We want to thank our outgoing Steering Committee for their tireless work in helping this fledgling chapter get off the ground and grow into the healthy, productive organizing space that has become. Here’s a statement from the new SC:

First and foremost, we would like to thank each and every one of you for putting your faith and trust in us to steer the chapter. Our chapter has accomplished so much in the short two years since our refoundation and we are honored that so many of you felt that we were best suited to facilitate the growth of our work.

We started the night reviewing all of the hard work and incredible things that we accomplished over the last year. After sharing the memories of direct actions, mutual aid projects, and our brilliant electoral wins on Prop H and Prop F, we took to the stage with five of our comrades to discuss our visions for the direction of the chapter. After 45 minutes of phenomenal discourse and sharing profound ideas, you elected us:

Shanti S: Shanti Singh is a native Yinzer and housing justice organizer who worked on Board of Supervisors campaigns before embracing fully automated luxury gay space communism. She was co-chair of LPRAC and helped start Housing before joining the SC, functioning as a proxy for Atlas, her tuxedo cat, who is the real power behind the throne. 

Jennifer B: After having her heart broken by the San Jose Sharks too many times, Jenbo left the South Bay for San Francisco where she now spends her days avoiding papercuts at a law office and nights discussing revolution in seedy bars. She is relentlessly devoted to ensuring that every voice in the chapter bears the same weight, and welcomes all feedback, concerns, praise, and chisme.

Faiq R: Faiq Raza moved to San Francisco by way of Karachi, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and New Jersey. He spends his days as a computer programmer and nights discussing ways to work towards a housing system meant to house people rather than extracting profit.

Elizabeth M: Lizzie is is a lifelong leftist who went through cycles of engagement before finding DSA SF, by far the most exciting political project she’s been a part of. She moved to San Francisco from the Midwest 6 years ago and she’s very happy with both the sense of community here and the total lack of winter weather.

Mia L: Mia drove from North Carolina to San Francisco just to see what it was like and now she’s never leaving. A geologist by training, she became a leftist after realizing that destroying the capitalist paradigm is the only way to make the planet safe and livable for generations to come.

We look forward to facilitating and growing all of the incredible work that you choose to take on in the coming year. We welcome any feedback from all members regarding any of our decisions — please feel free to email us at! We remain committed to upholding many of our campaign promises surrounding some of the toughest issues that our chapter faces including transparency, communication, and diversity. Thank you all again for your trust and support.