DSA SF is calling all comrades and community partners to attend the Tuesday, December 17 town hall being held by the San Francisco Police Department. Comrades should arrive by 6PM at César Chávez Elementary School (825 Shotwell St.) in order to show their support for police shooting victim Jamaica Hampton and demand transparency from police by releasing body camera footage of the events leading up to the shooting. 

The SFPD alleged that Hampton, who was in San Francisco participating in a recovery program, was shot after he attacked a police officer with an unspecified weapon. Mission Local staff reviewed closed circuit footage, however, and reported that Hampton appears to have been shot as he attempted to evade police. Mission Local reporters described the footage as showing two officers, guns drawn, chasing after Hampton before shots were fired as he ran approximately eight feet from one of the officers. One officer was reportedly transported to the hospital and quickly released after being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, Hampton remains in the hospital for treatment related to being hit by gunfire— according to some sources, three times— on the legs. It is unclear whether Hampton will face any criminal charges as a result of this interaction with police. 

Hampton’s shooting is one of 32 shootings, at least five of them fatal, perpetrated by SFPD over the past five years. As of today’s date, none of the officers involved in the fatal shootings have faced charges for their conduct despite what many community organizers and leaders view as an unjustified use of deadly force. 

By showing up to Tuesday’s town hall, comrades can stand in solidarity with Hampton and other victims of police brutality. Several DSA SF comrades already turned out to join the community to demand justice shortly after Hampton was shot, including during the first two days after the shooting, to demand that his family and attorney be allowed to visit him in the hospital. The family and members of Hampton’s legal team have since been given access to him.  

For more information, please contact the Justice Committee at justice@dsasf.org