On Sunday, delegates to the national convention from 5 Northern California DSA chapters gathered to discuss the issues to be decided at the convention. In attendance were delegates from Silicon Valley, East Bay, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento.

DSA SF was pleased to host these Chapters here in San Francisco, and to have played a formative role in gathering them together. Over the course of 4 hours, delegates discussed Single Payer, our strategy towards organized labor, DSA national’s role in electoral work, candidates for the National Political Committee, the proposed resolution on Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), and membership of DSA in the Socialist International. Comrades from distant chapters met and exchanged views on organizing. Plans were made to organize a second Northern California Summit to continue regional communication and collaboration.

The strength of DSA comes from our acceptance of many approaches and perspectives, and each chapter has developed their own unique culture and tactics appropriate to local conditions. Delegates from DSA SF celebrated the variety of projects our Chapter is working on, and praised our organizing style which allows everyone to engage in whatever work they most value. By avoiding focusing our entire chapter on a single issue, we have many campaigns in progress addressing many issues, and we have created a resilient member-driven organization with ample opportunity for everyone to contribute. Our variety of issues is our strength.