On Tuesday, March 26, the San Francisco chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America voted unanimously to endorse the DSA Ecosocialist Working Group’s Green New Deal: Guiding Principles. Motivated by our local Climate and Environmental Justice (C&EJ) committee, our chapter is in full support of a unified nationwide framework for ecosocialism in DSA.

Except from the resolution:

Future generations are entitled to a beautiful planet with a vibrant natural world that can sustain a good life for all people. Creating a fully ecological society will require a revolutionary transformation to replace the capitalist social order based on exploitation and oppression with a new society based on cooperation, equity, and justice. A Green New Deal must serve as a bridge toward this future. To that end, we support the resolutions introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House​and Sen. Ed Markey in the Senate​while recognizing that they are conversation starters—not complete and adequate blueprints. Their proposals are facing fierce opposition from corporate politicians and nervous ridicule from Wall Street pundits, but the opportunity to campaign for a radical and effective Green New Deal remains in our hands…

The radical Green New Deal we need will not be introduced in a single bill or resolution—it can only emerge from the grassroots struggles of working people and social movements. Together with our allies, we can organize a powerful multi-faceted movement to catalyze the major left turn in American politics and massive structural changes that are necessary to ensure climate justice and human survival…
Because we see the fight for the climate as a struggle against capitalism itself and the myriad forms of oppression which sustain it, we propose to organize within Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and without around the following guiding principles for a radical Green New Deal:

  1. Decarbonize the economy fully by 2030.
  2. Democratize control over major energy systems and resources.
  3. Center the working class in a just transition to an economy of societal and ecological
  4. Decommodify survival by guaranteeing living wages, healthcare, childcare, housing, food,
    water, energy, public transit, a healthy environment, and other necessities for all.
  5. Reinvent our communities to serve people and planet, not profit.
  6. Demilitarize, decolonize, and strive for a future of international solidarity
    and cooperation.
  7. Redistribute resources from the worst polluters with just and progressive taxes on the rich, on big corporations, and on dirty industry, as well as by diverting funds away from policing, prisons, and our government’s bloated military budget.