After months of hard work (and some barbecues!), we’ve finally hit our signature goal to get the Empty Homes Tax on the ballot! Big thanks to everyone who helped get us here and push this campaign forward, from our Signature Captains on down. We’re that much closer to making capital pay for keeping thousands of housing units away from our neighbors who need it most. 

As we move into the next phase of the campaign, it’s good to reflect on what a truly socialist response to the housing calamity we’re experiencing in the Bay Area and beyond looks like. Join DSA SF’s Empty Homes Tax signature captains this Sunday, June 26, at 2:00 p.m. PST for the third installment of the Socialist Answer to the Housing Crisis series. We will be focusing on a series of articles on housing justice and related issues.   

What has been the impact of privatizing affordable housing resources? What can we learn from the organizing efforts of Metro DC DSA’s Stomp Out Slumlords? Or the expropriation initiative in Berlin? And, most importantly, how can we apply those lessons to our present crisis here in the Bay Area? They will be important questions to answer as we continue to fight for not just the Empty Homes Tax, but a truly socialist future. You can access the reading list here, and register for this Sunday’s event using the link below!


DSA SF Comms Committee


Help out a comrade in need!

As comrades, it’s important to support each other as we fight for a better world. DSA SF comrade Christopher M. needs your help to avoid eviction after receiving a 3-day eviction notice, cover food, medication co-pays, upcoming medical/dental bills, their storage space, studio space, and regular expenses. Christopher is the newly elected co-chair of the Homelessness Working Group, and has been instrumental in Hotels Not Hospitals, a DSA-endorsed project, which has housed people for nearly two years now. Please donate here if you can.