Tent Replacement Fundraiser

TL;DR: Support our campaign to bring survival gear back to our unhoused neighbors! Give if you can, share if you can’t 

We all believe that everyone deserves a safe, warm, and dry place to sleep at night. However, San Francisco’s cops and city workers are stealing our unhoused neighbors’ tents, medicine, food, and survival gear on a daily basis.

Our society casts aside people that it can’t profit from and drives them into homelessness. Disproportionately, our unhoused neighbors are immigrants, queer and trans people, Black and Brown people, physically disabled people, neurodivergent people, people who use drugs, and survivors of domestic abuse.

Now The City is forcing them to sleep outside raw in the rain and cold. Mayor London Breed has the audacity to deny that the city is even doing sweeps, while she and her enablers brag about the reduction in tents. The city wants to operate in the shadows, but the DSA SF Homelessness Working Group is about to throw some harsh sunlight on these daily atrocities.

We will be replacing tents stolen from our houseless neighbors by the city, but we need your help! This is not merely mutual aid. This is a direct action to expose the city’s cruelty and build solidarity with our houseless neighbors.

But we can’t do this without your help. For our first milestone, we’re aiming to raise $7,000, which will enable 60 unhoused residents to be safe, warm, and dry at night.

Any excess funds will go to the DSA SF general fund. Donations are not tax-deductible.