Resolution for DSA SF to join SFPA


Proposed for vote at 2/28/2018 Regular Meeting

WHEREAS, DSA SF’s mission is to organize the people of San Francisco in order to establish and exercise collective power that can fight capitalism, combat inequality, and bring about real socialist change;

WHEREAS, the San Francisco Progressive Alliance (SFPA) seeks to build an independent alliance of left and progressive community organizations and activists to unite San Francisco’s diverse communities in order to actively promote social justice, economic equality, health, environmental protection, and democracy;

WHEREAS, the SFPA employs a hybrid membership/spokescouncil organizational structure modeled off of that of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, with individual members who elect officers and Organizational Allies that select their own representatives; AND

WHEREAS, the SFPA has extended a formal invitation to DSA SF to become one of the SFPA’s first Organizational Allies, which would give DSA SF the right to appoint 2 of its members as representatives to serve on the SFPA’s Steering Committee;

THEREFORE, DSA SF resolves as follows:

  1. DSA SF accepts the invitation to become an Organizational Ally of the SFPA;
  2. The DSA SF Steering Committee, working with committee and working group leadership, will appoint two chapter members to serve as DSA SF’s interim representatives on the SFPA’s Steering Committee, and will create a transparent process for selecting representatives in the future.