People First San Francisco

People First San Francisco is a campaign by the Democratic Socialists of America to win three ballot measures to build worker and renter power in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 8.

Yes on Prop M: Fill Empty Homes!

Prop M is DSA SF’s Empty Homes Tax, put on the ballot with 10,000 volunteer signatures from DSA SF and our allies. It would tax big landlords who keep apartments empty to raise money for affordable housing and rental subsidies for low income families and seniors.

Yes on Prop O: Invest in City College!

Prop O is SF WERCS, put forward by a coalition of City College of San Francisco (@OfficialCCSF) staff and faculty unions, students, and community allies. It would instate a progressively tiered parcel tax to raise up to $45 million towards workforce training and student services at San Francisco’s public college.

Yes on Prop H: Double The Vote!

Prop H is a measure to double the vote here in SF by combining races for offices like Mayor and DA with higher-turnout races in even years. While election rights are under attack nationwide, it would be a major step to deepen and strengthen democracy here in San Francisco.

How to help

Spread the word!

Tell at least 10 of your friends to vote YES on Prop M, O, and H this November 8.

Get involved!

Check out DSA SF’s public calendar for a list of campaign events.

Support the campaign! Give a one-time donation to keep DSA SF’s ballot measure work going through November.