January 26, 2021

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DSA-SF’s Ecosocialist committee believes we must fight for a just and equitable society that provides everyone with the right to a clean, healthy, and democratically-controlled environment: an ecosocialist society.

  • Advise the DSA-SF chapter and committees on environmental issues at the city, regional, state, national, and international level, and collaborate with them to ensure DSA actions and policies advance a climate and environmental justice agenda.
  • Prioritize and support marginalized communities in their/our fight for environmental justice, as climate & environmental justice must include racial and economic justice.
  • Prioritize workers’ power and control over the means of production so that no one must choose between their livelihood and the health of their environment.

We’re currently working on supporting divestment by joining the SF Public Bank Coalition and pressuring the SF Retirement Board; fun, outdoor mutual aid projects; housing and environmental contamination in Bayview, and other projects. Join us!