Yes on Proposition F
A guarantee of legal representation for any tenant facing eviction
Yes on F

Because of the success of our campaign to pass proposition F, no tenant in San Francisco will be unlawfully evicted because they could not afford a lawyer! Learn more here!

No on Proposition H
Refusing police greatly expanded ability to use tasers at their discretion

No on HDespite spending nearly half a million dollars attempting to pass proposition H, which was a cynical power grab, the San Francisco Police Officers Association did not succeed!

We give our deepest thanks to our coalition partners: SF Tenants Union, SF Housing Rights, Causa Justa, Coalition on Homelessness, Affordable Divis, Neighbors United, Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council, California Nurses Association, UESF, NorCal ACLU and others.

We are inspired by and grateful for the many DSA members and other volunteers who knocked on doors, phone banked, made campaign materials and labored in all of the other ways that made this possible. Because of your hard work, we expanded working class power in the city and sent a message to the SF POA that our rights are not for sale!

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