Help DSH & DSA SF go to the Regional Conference in Los Angeles this February!

This spring, DSA National is hosting a series of regional conferences across the country in preparation for the 2019 National Conference in August. Our chapters will be heading to Los Angeles between February 8th and 10th; this will be a valuable opportunity for us to meet comrades from other chapters and help coordinate the agenda for the national conference. The conference will feature discussions about how to best shape DSA’s organizing in the coming years, as well as training and skill-sharing with other chapters in California and Hawaii.

In order to help support comrades with travel and lodging costs, we’re asking for donations from our members and supporters. Half of the money raised through February 10, 2019 will go to help cover costs for DSA SF members to travel to and from L.A., as well as lodging during the conference; the other half will be given to the Democratic Socialists of Honolulu to offset their expenses. Should DSA SF’s half exceed the amount needed to cover costs to the February pre-convention conference, it will be rolled over into travel funds for the National Conference in August.

Please also come to our Karaoke Fundraiser (Facebook link here) on February 4 at The Knockout (3223 Mission Street in San Francisco) from 8:00PM to 2:00AM! There will be songs, solidarity, and a raffle!